Amelia's Guide to Internet Safety

We have lots of people at our school that don't Know what is bad on the Internet so we want to educate people about it. If your children are playing Minecraft online, they might be learning bad words, especially if they are wearing headphones and you can't hear what is going on.  Adults play Minecraft as well! If you think your child is being cyber bullied, go to Cyber Bullying. Please go on this website, we need to be aware. Remember cyber bullying is not just online. Cyber bullying can be in the form of mean text messages and is not acceptable. You don't have to take it though. You need to be aware on what's on the World Wide Web.

If you don't now people don't talk to them.Did you know that twitter has more than 500 million users,who post more than 340 million tweets per day.Here is a tip don't post things like where you are right now you can be more likely to be cyber bullied than kid napped.

did you know that bullying victims are more likely to commit suicide. Think about this : a key board away dosen't  make it okay. Please be aware.

Please talk to your children about it.

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