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Because i like cupcakes I will insert one here. I think this one is a red velvet cupcake.
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We recently had St  Mary's and St Anne's visit us. They have come to learn how to blog!

Here we are, (trying to) blog. Here are some photos.


A blog is an awesome way to connect to other people.  The trouble is, it can take ages to learn about how to do it.  Roger worked hard for nearly a whole day trying to find out about all the technical stuff.  Sometimes it drove him crazy.

  Thanks Roger.  You're awesome.
Some tips and tricks for starting your blog:
  • First you have to have a gmail account if you are going to use google blogger
  • Once you have your gmail account you can go to Blogger
  • Click "New Blog" on the left side at the top
  • Then you just follow the steps that pop up along the way
  • We did have some problems with getting our pages to show, as we missed a step somewhere
  • We were able to solve our problems by looking on youtube and asking people in our school

It's also a really great idea to sit with others and talk as you add stuff to the blog.  That way you get heaps of ideas and someone can check for typos and spelling! lol

Also if you sit with other people, you can find a way to solve your technical problems.

"Shhhhsh!  I'm blogging!"


  1. I love this blog and the learning journey you're sharing with us. Keep it up!!

  2. This is great Roger. Looking forward to some of you taking over our class blog.

  3. We are thinking of making a health group blog do you have any suggestions/tips?
    From St Mary's Healthgroup


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